Pet Peeves About Your Mate

Some of these things are deliberate, habit, but some of them are beyond the person’s control.

1. Nagging or complaining. No one wants to spend any length of time around a person that is endlessly unhappy and insists on telling you about it in detail. They say that misery loves company, and it holds true in this case. Your mate is extremely unhappy and will not be satisfied until you are right there suffering with them.


Nagging about things not taken care of, or chores left undone, usually produces the opposite affect of what the nagger had hoped for. The person being nagged will likely become angry and rebellious.

2. General laziness. Most of us know someone who never lifts a finger to help out around the house. Dirty clothes are dropped less than a foot from the hamper, dishes are left lying around, overflowing trashcans ignored. It’s as if this is all too much for the person to handle.

Regardless of whether the person works away from the home or not, it is not unreasonable to expect a little help in the day to day upkeep of the home. Little things that make your spouse happy can add up to a lot!

3. Unwillingness to discuss problems. In every marriage there will be times that we butt heads. Times that we may feel hurt or angry due to something our spouse has said or done. This is when most women want to talk about it, and men usually don’t.

Communication is the only way to find a suitable solution to relationship problems. By not discussing and dealing with issues when they arise, resentment builds up inside of us, and the problem still hasn’t went away.

4. Child raising techniques. Be it a biological child or step child, this is a breeding ground for arguments. One partner may believe in corporal punishment, while the other is against spanking. One may be extremely strict, and the other too lax.

When the parents have polar opposite parenting styles, problems are sure to arise on a regular basis. If a child sees this nic in the united front, they often try to use it to their advantage, playing one parent off the other in order to get what they want.

5. Money. This could quite possibly be the number one reason couples tend to argue. Some people are better at handling finances than others. Therefore, if a man blows money on slot machines in Vegas, while the wife is clipping coupons at home, a bitter fight is likely to ensue.
Sharing your life with someone is not always easy. We must take the good with the bad, if there is any hope of it lasting.

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