Let Your Lift Do The Talking!

We all know service facilities make a living working on vehicles. And having the right auto lift to accommodate the right vehicle is essential in today’s fast paced shop. Don’t be forced to decide what types of vehicles you service the most.

Asymmetric only auto lifts have columns that are turned 30° They are designed to safely and properly lift vehicles with its center of gravity more forward, like front wheel drive passenger cars and light trucks. 

Symmetric only auto lifts have columns that face each other. They are designed to safely and properly lift vehicles with a center of gravity more symmetrically positioned on the vehicle, like full size pick up trucks, vans and large SUV’s. These automotive lifts force a service facility to decide what types of vehicles are serviced most, limiting productivity and revenue potential. Turning away business because you do not have the right automotive lift to service a specific vehicle is detrimental to a shop’s bottom line.


  • Challenger’s Versymmetric® Technology provides the versatility to pick up vehicles both symmetrically and asymmetrically properly and safely within the same service bay. This exclusive technology facilitates increased efficiency and revenue potential, expediting payback time. Versymmetric® lifts provide 2 lifts in 1, lifting 100% of the Top 20 selling vehicles.

  • Versymmetric® auto lifts safely and properly accommodate cars, trucks, crossovers, SUV’s and vans all within the same service bay. Their 2 Lifts in One™ lift design is perfect for lifting just about any vehicle within lift capacity.

  • The Challenger Versymmetric Plus CL10V3 automotive lift provides open door clearance to driver controls for both asymmetric lifting applications and symmetric auto lift applications.

  • The offset 3-stage front arms of the CL10V3 auto lift allows them to be stowed in an asymmetric lifting position, rear of the front tires. When the vehicle is driven through, the front arms make one sweep to the vehicle’s lifting point without having to reposition or shuffle the vehicle back and forth to reach its recommended lift points.

  • All Challenger Versymmetric two post automotive lifts feature double telescoping screw pads that adjust to multiple heights to accommodate most lifting points without extra height adapters.

  • Challenger designed the first and only two post auto lift on the market with BOTH 3-stage front and 3-stage rear arms. It offers the maximum arm reach and retraction to meet the recommended lifting points of the widest range of vehicles. 3-stage front arms provide maximum retraction for lifting wide body imports with designated outside lift points. 3-stage rear arms provide maximum reach for hitting the lift points of long wheelbase vehicles.

Considering asymmetric only car lifts or symmetric only truck lifts for your automotive service facility?   Would you buy half a car? Then why buy half a lift?

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