Why Does God Let Children Die?

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The death of the elderly, executions of criminals convicted of heinous crimes, and even the passing of those who lost a battle with terminal illness, is much easier to accept than the death of a child. It seems so unfair! So unjust! Many times, the survivors left behind rage against God. Questioning why He allowed it to happen. Even doubting His very existence.

Why does God let children die? His believers know that He has a reason for everything and sometimes it is not for us to understand. Each person is put on this Earth to fulfill some task, or a series of tasks. Every one of us has a purpose in life. While it seems a child has not lived long enough to achieve God’s plan for them, their lifespan is in fact, the exact amount of time that it took them to accomplish what they were sent here to do. How is this possible? How can someone so young have achieved God’s goal?

The mere existence, or “coming in to being”, of each person has an affect on many people. By the simple, effortless and involuntary act of being born, they touch the lives of everyone around them. Be it a minute, a year, or 10 years, their life changes others in some way, that is in keeping with God’s plan. We had something to learn from it. There was meaning to the child’s life. It may not be clear to us, and is only for God to know.

As flawed human beings, we fail to see a child’s death as being “for the greater good”. Our selfishness makes us want to keep that child here on Earth with us, for a longer period of time. After losing a child, we are blinded by our grief, making it impossible to see or understand any reasoning behind it. We only know that we want that child back!

Sadly, the death of a child can turn a person against God, at the very time we need Him most. Strengthening your relationship with Him will enable you to find some much needed peace. While being closer to God may not provide you with an answer to “why” a child died, you will at least have placed your trust in Him that He had a plan all along, and things played out as exactly as He meant them to.


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