Should Women be Legally Allowed to Deny Visitation Because of Unpaid Child Support?

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Often, women are given custody, being favored as the more acceptable parent for generations upon generations. Fortunately, some judges have progressed with the times, and occasionally award the father custody if his home and lifestyle are deemed better for the child.

Should the custodial parent be legally allowed to deny visitation as dictated by the court, if the non custodial parent is behind in child support? The answer is a resounding “NO”. While the non custodial parent ordered to pay support should do so, the relationship that parent has with their child should not depend upon it. Denying a parent visitation based on inability or unwillingness to pay child support is detrimental to not only the parent, but more importantly, to the child. Supporting this as a method of “making the non custodial parent pay” will harm your child in irreparable ways. You are being unfair to the one person who had nothing to do with the divorce, and are confirming the belief that love equals the money sent.

Laws are in place to see that certain rules are followed. It is not up to the custodial parent to enforce them. Refusing a parental visit due to lack of support paid, is the equivalent of “taking matters into their own hands”, and if pushed, would be punishable under contempt of court. That type of action makes the custodial parent just as “wrong” as the non custodial parent who is behind on court ordered support.  If the custodial parents feels that the other parent is not following the custody agreement, that person needs to contact an attorney and go from there. Sadly, most women who are custodial parents tend to think they are within their rights to deny custody when other stipulations of the custody agreement have been broken by the other parent.

Many divorced parents often forget, that the most important thing is the best interest and well being of the child they share. Parents can get caught up in the emotional landmines of harsh feelings towards their ex spouse, which in turn, has a negative affect on their children. Precautions should be taken by each parent to ensure that the children of their divorce are not used as weapons against the other. Furthermore, judges need to be overly cautious, to protect the children who may be placed in the middle of a monetary w


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