Building Referrals: Tips And Secrets of Getting More Referrals to Your Network

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The secret of getting more referrals on your PTC or any other networking site that makes you money through Referral is now revealed. Make more friends on the internet through Skype, Yahoo messenger, MSN, friendster, facebook, swom, yournight, sites that paid to write articles because there are many friends there like Bukisa, Associated content, Triond etc. Social networking is one of the best ways to make friends on the internet. In fact, many sites now are popular because of social networking.

Have you ever made more friends yet online? Do you know that this is the secret of getting more referrals? You must be good to your friend and trusted because they will do the same to you. That’s the attitude needed if you want to get more referrals. You must be friendly and patient to all of your friends and be true to them because that’s the way they believe in you.

After making more friends that trust on you online, you can propose your sites that earns you money everyday. Tell them what you do everyday and how you make money online. You must explain them clearly and you have proofs that you’ve been paid on that site. That’s how it goes.

That is one of my strategies to refer more friends and make money online. One of the secret of getting more referrals in just days to my network is making more friends on facebook. A friend who are willing and interested to make money online because you and your friends can exchange referrals on your PTC, you can exchange clicks with them or rate and comments your written articles. That’s how it goes; this is one of the secret of getting more and more friends and referrals on the World Wide Web. Getting more friends and referrals can produce you money! Is it right?

 Do you know now one of my best strategies? Do you get it? This simple, I explain you more step by step:

First, create an account on facebook. Verify your email address in your yahoo mailbox in order to get log in. You must have a unique email address that has been used by you in order to get verified.

Second, complete your profile on facebook; put your primary picture, your interests, hobbies, and making more friends by adding them as your friend…. Note: you can add friends that are interested in making money online, because they can understand why you add them. There are many members of facebook who are making money all of their time and you must find them. You can propose them that you are interested to exchange referrals, clicks, and comments and rate your articles.

Third, once you have found those members who are interested in making money online, you can chat with them. But if they are not online, you can send them a message or comment.

Now the best thing to do if your friends are not online and you have a PTC (paid to click), Paid to surf, paid to write, paid to read email site, etc. and makes you money that you want to propose; You must post it in the HOME of Facebook, explain it and upload a PICTURE; You can make a picture through screenshots (Prt Sc SysRq) on your keyboard and paste it to your application PAINT and save it. This maybe you’re Proofs of Payment or the Website you are in. If you are successfully put it in the home of your facebook, many friends can see it and if it is interesting then they will join. But other members of facebook are busy doing the same thing of yours, proposing a website that earns them money… now this is what you need to do, you must TAG them with your picture so that it will post to their Facebook profile and this will be more attract to them… That’s what I did if I want to get more referrals on PTC, or other sites that I want to propose… You know I’ve got 15 referrals in just a day of my proposed sites… I hope you got some information of me,… you can follow one of my strategy in getting more referrals…

There are so many strategies to make you more money and getting more referrals. GOOD Luck to all of you..


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