Secure Online Data Back-Up And Storage

Data destruction should be a key function for every business, but lack of knowledge about how to properly secure digital information is one of the greatest limitations preventing small business owners from enforcing a data security program.

One commonly-held belief about data security is the idea that once you highlight a file and hit the “delete” key, the file you’re erasing is no longer retrievable. While deleted files are hard to recover, data forensics experts warn it is not entirely impossible for a technologically-adept computer user to find and use your deleted files.

Pen and paper used to be the only method of recording business transactions, adding an entirely new opportunity for data thieves to exploit. Computer data, while more convenient and easier to work with, is just as vulnerable to information thievery as paper-based records. The only difference between paper and electronic data is hard copy records vs. “virtual” bytes and bits stored on a hard drive or server.

Data Destruction Tools

It doesn’t matter how much or how little confidential or censored information is stored within a business. It is the company’s obligation to ensure this information is disposed of in a manner that prevents anyone from reconstructing it.

There are many different data destruction tools and methods which can be used to destroy sensitive data. Since this data may include personal details or confidential information about your business, take care in selecting your data management method.

Total Destruction

Data destruction is one very secure technique. This is where information is physically destroyed using melting, crushing, shredding and/or drilling tools. This is a very secure method because obviously, the data storage device cannot be re-used or sold.

Data sanitization is another technique commonly used. This method removes data from storage devices such as floppy discs and hard drives and overwrites them. Since the data is completely reformatted, your data is unreadable. But the sanitation technique is not the strongest, as traces of the overwrite are always visible to data forensics professionals.

On-Site Data Destruction

Many companies offer an on-site data destruction service. This means they can destroy sensitive data without removing the media from your facility. On-site data destruction services allow companies to witness their confidential and censored data being destroyed by a commercial-grade shredding device.

Having on-site data destruction service gives business owners additional piece of mind, since storage systems never leave your facility, possibly becoming the property of information thieves

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