Second Honeymoons

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Second honeymoons are one way to bring back the romance in your marriage and spice things up. The daily grind of jobs, raising children, paying bills and juggling finances can cause a great deal of stress. With stress comes exhaustion and many of us get so worn down from the trials and tribulations of life that we lose focus on what is most important. Our family in general, and our spouse in particular. Romance is pushed aside to make way for schedules, errands, meetings and child-rearing.

There are countless articles about how important romance is to women, and the fall out if their needs aren’t met. While men are generally thought of as non-romantic, the truth is, they need romance to some degree also. Without the love, flirting and shared intimacies, distance begins to take over. Second honeymoons can be lavish and extravagant, or inexpensive and simple. The secret is to plan a destination that is sure to give both of you time alone to reconnect. Away from the daily stresses of life, we are able to unwind and see things more clearly.

Second honeymoons provide us with the opportunity to dust off our flirting skills, excuses to dress nicer than we usually would, and remember how it felt to be the only thing our spouse was focused on. It brings back memories of why you fell in love in the first place. It is also a reminder of the wedding and vows you took. The time together with no outside interruptions allows you to regain the closeness you once shared, while making a beautiful memory to add to the ones you already have.

Some say they fall in love again on second honeymoons, and it’s easy to see why that would happen. You are setting the scene for romance, friendship and the love you share. Taking time out of your life to show your spouse that they are worth it, and you would marry them all over again. Actions speak louder than words, so the act of planning and following through with a romantic get away goes a long way towards improving the relationship.

The wife feels as if she is being wooed, and lavishes love and attention on her husband. He may feel like he is once again King of your world, and will treat you like the queen he once did. Everyone wins, and the effort to plan something like this is well worth it!


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