Ways To Get Back To Nature

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Living in the city can make it difficult to get in touch with nature. When you are surrounded by buildings, asphalt, crowds, cars, and the fast paced life, it can be hard to remember that nature is only a short distance away. Most metropolitan areas have some type of park. Even the gargantuan New York City has Central Park nestled snugly within it’s city streets. You can do a quick search online to find your city’s parks and recreational areas.

How about a trip to the local zoo? While the animals are not in their home habitat, many of the zoos have created a place that is as close to natural as they can get for the individual animal. Spending the day walking among wildlife can be like a small vacation for the busy city dweller. Often they have volunteer positions available, which could lead to more time in the “wild”.

Gardening, urban style, is yet another way to have a piece of nature in your daily life. Even the smallest of spaces can be enough for potted plants and spices. Go to your local gardening store and request information on what grows well in a small area. The cost is minimal and the results are well worth it. You could expand to include a small flower garden as well.

Find a nearby lake or river. Many times ducks and geese will set up their homes in places that see a lot of visitors. They learn that humans represent food. Depending on the area, you may see otters, beaver, squirrels and a variety of other small animals that call that type of environment their home. Don’t forget your camera, as it may be the perfect opportunity to get some amazing shots!

Look for a planetarium. Living in the city makes it difficult to view the beauty of a night sky. Planetariums are the perfect way to get up close to nature via telescope, shows, etc. How long has it been since you have seen a clear view of the sky? A visit can not only be entertaining, but very educational.

Aquariums are another option. The rooms are often dim with the lighting focus being on the aquatic life you’ve come to see. Most aquariums have a large variety of fish for your viewing. Some of the larger places located in parts of the country even house sharks, manatees and dolphins.

Take a day trip. No matter what city, state, or area of the world you live in, there are going to be places to enjoy nature within driving distance. Plan a route on your map to include the sites you want to see most, pack a picnic lunch, and get away from it all for a few hours. Plan an overnight trip and go camping. The possibilities are endless.

It might take effort and some imaginative planning, but it is possible to reconnect with nature when you live in a big city. Start researching today to find the journey you want to make tomorrow.


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