Full-Body Scanners, in Vans, Scanning People And Vehicles

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You know those full body scanners that they have at some airports now? Well, they upped the ante. Now they have a similar machine, transported in a van, capable of roaming the streets, scanning people, vehicles, etc. They don’t even have this technology fully implemented in the airports, but all of a sudden, they admit to having it on the streets.

Whether you want to call this a full-body scanner, backscatter x-ray or terahertz waves, its all the same thing. It is technology that can see through everything. And it is being used on streets in the United States and the public has no idea.

These machines have the potential to very harmful to humans. They are also a major invasion to privacy. Not to mention that these machines do not discriminate what or who they are looking at.

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If you want all the proof and dirty details about the government buying and using these machines, please see the original Forbes story, where I first read about this…Here is the link:


ARLINGTON, VA - DECEMBER 30:  Transportation Security Administration Security Officer Nyamsi Tchapleu looks at images created by a 'backscatter' scanner during a demonstration at the Transportation Security Administration's Systems Integration Facility at Ronald Reagan National Airport December 30, 2009 in Arlington, Virginia. Backscatter technology uses low level x-rays to create a two-sided image.  (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

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