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When the start of the school year approaches, you want to be sure that you and your child are prepared and ready to go. This can help make the school year go by smoothly. Preparing for the school year can range from getting the necessary school supplies to being ready for your child to arrive home from school each day.

To help you and your child get ready for the new school year, here are six back to school tips.

Get The Necessary School Supplies.
Check with the school to see if they will be sending out a list of the necessary school supplies for your child. If they are not sending one, then check with stores that carry school supplies, as you can sometimes find the lists there. There are various lists of school supplies, going by each grade level. This will help you to figure out what you do and do not need to buy. Once you obtain this list, try to get the school supplies as soon as possible. This way, you will not only avoid the hassle of crowds, but your child will have the supplies they need in advance.

Talk With Other Parents.
Do not be afraid to talk with the parents of your child’s friends and fellow peers. You can find out if the children are in the same class, what supplies to get or where to find the list, and information about the school or upcoming school year.

Meet With The Teachers.
Find out from the school if there will be a time where you can meet with your child’s teacher. If there is not a special day for that, ask if you can set up an appointment. This will help you and your child to break the ice with their new teacher, as well as finding out what they can expect in the upcoming school year.

Look Into Transportation.
Back to school tips does not just mean in school, but it means transportation as well. Find out in advance how your child will be getting to and from school. Will you or a trusted relative be walking with them? Will they have friends to walk with? Are you driving them or are they taking the bus? Maybe you and other parents can arrange a car pool. Figuring out how your child will be getting to school and home can ease any nerves you may have about getting them to and from school safely. You should also be sure to have a back-up plan on the days their regular means of transportation falls through.

Fill Out The Emergency Cards.
Every year, your child will be given an emergency card for you to fill out. This is done in the case of an emergency. It will help the school know how they can contact you and who else they can contact should they not be able to meet you. You should have your contact information, as well spouse and trusted relatives and friends on this card. You should only add someone you know very well, you can trust with your child, and will be reliable. Be sure to talk with them in advance to make sure you can add them to the emergency card. It is best to have this list prepared before your child brings home the emergency card, so that you can fill it out and return it as soon as possible.

Prepare For After School.
You should always prepare for after school as well. Will you be there when your child gets home? Will there be a babysitter? Or are they old enough to stay home alone? Set some ground rules, such as when they should start their homework and what they can do before and after. Be sure to have a snack ready for them as well, as they may be hungry from their day at school.

These back to school tips can help you prepare for the start of a brand new school year! They will also help you be prepared for each day the school year brings. You may have your own ideas and tips for getting ready for the new school year, but this list of back to school tips help you to get started on preparing!
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