How Shyness Affects Your Life

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Shyness can present one with many obstacles throughout their life. Starting from childhood it poses potential problems when attempting to make friends, and find acceptance in a peer group. Shy children tend to be more introverted which can be detrimental in an educational setting. Oftentimes they will not ask for help understanding work when it’s needed, or clarification of a task they have been assigned. As an adult, they may have trouble speaking up in the workplace, or taking charge of projects they are perfectly capable of doing.

Social interaction with peers is difficult for the shy child, and can lead to self- esteem issues, depression, and a deep sense of isolation. The inability to overcome shyness as they grow into adulthood sets them up for a lifetime of difficulties. Some question their own abilities when applying for jobs. Some may have trouble starting relationships. And others may spiral even further into depression out of pure frustration at not being “able” to go after their dreams.

Shyness can be overcome to some degree, and a healthy balance reached. By pushing yourself that extra mile, and stepping outside the comfort zone, you can take steps in order to reach your goal. What is the goal? To become reasonably comfortable meeting new people, presenting yourself in a positive and open manner, and speaking out for yourself in the work place, or your personal life. It has been shown time and time again, that an air of confidence has an enormous impact on your personal relationships, your career, and your health.

Start small, by looking people in the eye more often when they are speaking. Don’t shy away! Smile at strangers you see in the grocery store, or gym. You will be surprised by the number of smiles you receive in return and the little burst of happiness that gives you. Say “hello” to people that you see every day, but are not necessarily acquainted with. There’s no need for small talk, but a smile, nod and simple “hello” can leave a lasting impression.

Shyness does not have to have a negative affect on your life. It is entirely possible to break out of your shell and become more approachable. With time and patience it gets easier. Until one day it will be habit, or second nature. Stop allowing shyness to hold you back in life. Set your mind to change, and anything is possible.


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