Saturday, December 16

Bloggers Are Under Attack

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In Philadelphia, local officials are desperate for money and they don’t care what laws and rights they squash…as long as they get paid. It is Pennsylvania today, but tomorrow it could be your state.

Here is what is going down in Philly: A woman who blogs (as a hobby) was sent a letter by her local officials, demanding that she pay $300 for a business privilege license. Despite the fact that she had made about $50 over the last few years, they demanded that she pay for the license, pay wage and business privilege tax, as well as a net profit tax. That’s right, all these taxes on a whole $50, that took her multiple years to accumulate.

It would be easy to write this off as ignorance at the local level. We all know city officials are chewing their lips over a lack of tax receipts. That is probably exactly what is going on in this situation. HOWEVER…this also runs much, much deeper.

On a related note…we are on the cusp of a major change, involving free speech and the sharing of information over the internet. American mainstream media hates bloggers and so does our government. They (media) think we are stealing revenue from them. Lawsuits and threats of lawsuits, against bloggers, from big media and their representatives, is already happening.

The government will appease complaints against bloggers, in an attempt to shut us all down and shut us all up. They don’t like that we tell truth, without restrictions. They much prefer the bought and owned media that does as they are told. The use of tax laws, is only the beginning (and a pathetic scare tactic). What the greedy media fools don’t realize is that the bloggers are the people that direct all the traffic and ad revenue to their online presence.

Sure, the government will help them take down the bloggers (by enforcing ridiculous tax laws), but they (the media) are too ignorant to realize, that they are digging their own graves. Without us, much of the revenue that they are so greedily trying to protect, will be gone. But guess what? The bloggers won’t be, we’ll find another way.


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