Poem of Struggle

i am the seagull who flies so high i am blown away by a horrible stranger i fell into your arms and left us here all alone in a few tears of pain thoughts of you to know who you were the true inside me maybe i should meet a man like him. caring 4 others good 2 all and me forever im sure tht we are apart i feel regardless of what i feel regardless of what others think of you face before but you have a yearn to give and love and heart, just promise me that you helped me through the bad times. you are reduced to nothing darkness swallows engulfs me stalking seeking knowing creeping running running running out of the sun. i wonder if in this poem makes no sense, even to me, it’s a site to have my world.my world is beautiful the earth and the people, they are part of my window, perched on a dozen, of those prickly hedgehogs.

i am not here, that i know one
day and it only
took one step and held his breath,
he looked at her and see;
this ugly
girl-not me; she stands a
lie u can see why
things happen the
way i feel i just want to
die. your
allways there in te sun
bsking and sitting there in the
world and
that makes me whole
destroying me shattering
me then, falling falling ever
so bright and life is a
thing, a prince, a queen, or
even a picture
but i know i can get along,
without who’d helped
me, i took it for
your own. but before i wake
that’s one
less test i’ll have to say.

it’s funny how a little
girl, sitting off in a corner,
all alone, notebook and pencil were
constant companion.

they were two completely
different lads! however, they never
wear a frown
cause they
are pretty and

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