Invincible Finally Recieves The Appreciation It Deserved

Invincible Finally Recieves The Appreciation It Deserved

Its almost 9 years since Michael Jackson’s last studio album Invincible released.The album was in the making from late 1999 to mid 2001.The first single from the album was You Rock My World.The video of this song made history when it was first premiered on TV.The album finally released on October 30,2001 . The album peaked to No 1 in the Billboard charts beating other heavy weights.

The album was well recieved by all Michael Jackson fans. But some of the critics were not happy, they kept on stating that it is better to hear Thriller than this new album from MIchael Jackson.

Along with this Michael Jackson didn’t want to tour,this created problem between Jackson and his music label executive Tommy Mottola.The ugly spat resulted in almost nil promotion for Jackson’s album.

Even during those times Jackson kept on saying that his album was good and people needed to be patient.

The critics kept on blaming Jackson and stated it as the fall of the King Of Pop

Now years after this the same album has been voted as The Billboard Album Of The Decade by the people. If people didn’t like it then why did they vote for it ?

The reasons are many :

1.) Most of them who heard the album, liked atleast a few songs from it in first hearing itself .
2.) The critics were too harsh towards this album and some people were diverted in that way
3.) As a result of all these factors people never had the patience to listen to this beautiful album.
4.) Several of Michael Jackson’s fan  started to listen to it only after the star’s death because of the lack of promotion.

I still remember one of the critic in his review stated that The Lost Children is a poor song . I was wondering what was going through his mind when he heard that song?
That song had lot of healing touch attached to it.

Invincible was special because of the following tracks :

1.) Speechless: It is a Gospel song , the arrangements are beautiful , the lyrics, Michael’s vocals ,everything is perfect.
2.) The Lost Children : This song came directly from Jackson’s heart just like Speechless. The magic of Jackson is there all over.
3.) You Rock My World : This song proved there is no one better than Jackson when it comes to lead vocals.
4.) Whatever Happens : For the first time Jackson and Carlos Santana came together for a song.
5.) Cry : Jackson and Kelly back together after a long gap.The wait was worth
6.) Butterflies : A track which utilises Jackson’s vocals to the maximum..

I am sure Michael Jackson would have been the happiest man, if he was here to witness that Invincible Is Album Of The Decade.


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