Are You Undertaking Seo Internet Marketing Correctly?

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Let us talk about a couple of tips to help you do search engine optimization correctly and build your Internet marketing business from them!

The most important thing to do is keyword research with at least 20,000 competitors for that keyword

This article describes the following steps by steps method to follow to maximise seo ranking:

In the first place, the target keyword phrases and let the search engines know what they are. Depending on the niche you are in you may be better off to target longtail keyword phrases of several words because there is less competition for them.

You let a search engine now how you are optimizing a web page, or targeting a right keyword , by using that phrase correctly on the page as you build it.

You should start by putting the targeted keyword  exactly how you want it to read in the title of the page. You should also include it in the meta tags in the description and in the keywords.

You want to bold the targeted keyword  in the first and last paragraphs of the content on the web page. You should also include it at the bottom of the page as some search engines spider from the bottom to the top.

Secondly,iIf you are writing articles for article marketing you should follow the same outline as discussed. Put the keyword phrase in the title, in the introduction, and in the last paragraph.

You should also hyperlink it back to your home page or a sub page in the resource box of the article. This helps you build up keyword relevancy for the search engines so you can rank high for that targeted keyword phrase.

Thirdly, Do the same thing in other types of Internet marketing. For example if you are writing a post in a discussion forum hyperlink the keyword phrase in your signature file for the search engines to find.

You can even write targeted keywords  in the blog post themselves to even build more relevancy in the search engines eyes. This is not hard to do and any Internet marketer who is paying attention can quickly write forum posts this way.

Just keep in mind that the real important thing is targeting relevant keyword phrases. If you’re in a competitive niche target keyword phrases.

The Author’s name is Kofi Awunyo, the Marketing Consultant and Niche Analyst.

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