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Make More Money With Mylot

Make More Money In A Forum

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Want to make money in a Forum?Have you ever heard mylot?Want to make more money at MyLot? Here are some tips and tricks to increase your earnings given by MyLotters which I have collated. These MyLotters have shown better earnings after using these strategies. Check them out!

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1) Set a Target

There are times when I visit MyLot but I spent most of the time reading other people’s discussions instead of posting my own comments. Without a target, you will get distracted like I often do. So, if you are serious about earning money at MyLot, it is important that you set realistic targets for yourself. Depending on how much time you have to spend on MyLot, how many posts do you intend to make in a day? Some of them set a target of 50-75 posts in a day. What about you? What is your target?

2) Quality Posts

It is important that your posts add value to the person who started the discussion. What benefit have they gained from your post? Did it give a new perspective? Did it have a different angle to the understanding of the mentioned issue? How did you manage to solve their problems?

3) Length of Posts

It is important that you write at least 4-6 lines for each comment. But make sure that it is not just nonsense in those 4-6 lines though. A single line comment is often frowned upon and will not help with your earnings much.

4) Add Smiley Faces/Emoticons

Apparently, adding smiley faces help to increase your earnings. It is seen as adding feelings into your post, besides adding your thoughts. There is also a maximum number of smiley faces that you can put per post. You can only add 3 smiley faces. However, you need to have posted at least 200 comments before the smiley faces are activated in your Add Comment section.

5) Add Tags

Tags serve as important ways for people to find your discussions. MyLot sees it as adding value to your comment and will award you for it. So, do not skip tags at the end of your comments.

6) Rating

Rating other MyLotters is another form of participation. You can rate others with a [+] or [-] or [!]. By doing this, it encourages others to do the same too. It is also a form of recognition for good comments and build a supportive forum community within MyLot. So remember to rate others.

7) Start New Discussions

If you have a burning question which has not been addressed in MyLot, why not start your own discussion thread. The tip for starting new discussions is to keep it short and interesting. Make sure the title catches the attention of other MyLotters. Ask yourself whether you would take a look at such a discussion thread if you see that title. Most importantly, get to the point! What do you want your readers to comment about? There are some people who do not get any responses for their discussion because they are simply making a statement about something, not asking for comments. To build a good discussion thread, there must be room for readers to give their opinions based on their personal experiences.

8) Referrals

It is important that you find active referrals. It’s not going to be easy to find active forum members. Some may not even post a single comment after joining under you. So the key to increased earnings in MyLot will have to be finding active referrals.

9) Upload Photos

If you have interesting photos, why don’t you upload them at MyLot. You will get 1 cent for every time your photo is viewed.

10) Type Fast

If you have a limited amount of time, typing fast can ensure that you get to post as many comments as possible. But please make sure that you don’t have spelling mistakes when typing fast. Typo error irks readers.

I hope the tips and tricks help you to earn more at MyLot. Happy posting!

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