Boro Plus Antiseptic Cream

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Boro Plus one of the most commonly used antiseptic cream in every Indian home, ask any one about Boro plus Antiseptic cream and he will give you details on the pros and cons of the product. I have been using Boro plus since I was about 8-9 years old and it is a most especially in the winter to fight dry skin.

Summer times we normally abstain from using Boro Plus Antiseptic cream as it burns the skin and makes it dull but for winter it is a must as it helps fight dry skin and cracks on the heals . I don’t remember any winter in which I haven’t use Boro Plus. Living in a cold hilly region in Sikkim the skin gets very dry and craks appears on the face as well as on the heal area so it is a must to apply daily Boro Plus Antiseptic cream to null the effect of the cold jittery winter.

So using Boro Plus in the winter is inevitable and being a cheap product anyone can just buy a tube an keep it at home, besides it’s use for dry skin it is a good antiseptic cream and good enough to heal minor cuts. We at our home don’t go to the doctor or use expensive products for minor cuts and other external problems, just apply Boro Plus regularly and it will heal in no time. Boro Plus is a good arsenal in you first aid box which can be used both as an effective cold cream as well and antiseptic cream.


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