6 Reasons For Starting A Blog Today !

1> Blog is the best way to express your ideas and expression to the outside world. If you are very politically active person then you can get the message out through the blog and with the advent of social media you can easily get traffic to your blog .

2>Blog is the best way to brand yourself .If you are an ebook or a self-published author then branding plays a important role in your success . Thus regular blogging is an important part for your internet marketing and branding strategy.

3>Sell Products – Through your blog you can sell informational products like ebooks , audio books or video tutorials . Whatever it may be a blog can be a good place to sell your creations and if you have a good set of followers then you can hope to make some good money.

4>Affiliate Marketing – If you into affiliate marketing and don’t know where to promote affiliate products then a blog can help you big time . Blogging and affiliate marketing goes hand in hand and when utilized properly it can yield unexpected results for you . You can put review of affiliate products and put your affiliate link at the bottom of the review . In this way you can do ok with affiliate marketing.

5>Drive Traffic – Blog can be a good source of driving traffic . You can drive unexpected traffic to your e-store for example an eBay store or may be to fiverr gigs. In this way your online business can get a good boost.

6>A Permanent Income – Making money from a blog is tough but it is no secret that many bloggers are earning thousands of dollars from a blog . Though many who start out to make money from a blog barely able to make any money but still if you are ready to hard work and put some effort then blogging can be easy for you .

Therefore whatever the reason may be , a blog in the 21st century is a must have .

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