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Bukisa can make you more money from writing online, than any other paid article writing site. They have a great pay per click rate, and a great three level referral program.

The are only two ways to make a lot of money online from writing. Either you learn a lot about search engine optimization, and write a lot, or you get lots of referrals, and teach them how to do it.

Bukisa is free to join, and pays $3.22 US per thousand clicks, but the best part, is you get 25% of your first level referral’s article earnings, 5% of theirs, and 1% of theirs.

I have about fifty referrals so far, and they are starting to come in at about two a day, every day. So long as a small percentage of them write a lot of articles, over many years, I have the chance to build a residual income I can retire on, from article writing I didn’t even do.

Bukisa is the way to make more money from article writing than you ever thought possible, and I can show you how to get lots of referrals of your own. It can be as simple as putting your referral link at the end of your article, as link text like this:


I make more money from writing articles, and getting referrals to write articles over the long term, than any other job I could be doing. Residual income needs to be calculated on how much you make every ten years for an hour’s work.

At the current rate my residual income is building, from all the different articles and sites where I have permanently posted my referral link, I should have enough money to retire in maybe ten years.

It is not easy to make predictions of how much money I am going to make from article writing, because other people are writing most of the articles for me.

I keep writing everyday as well, in the hopes of attracting more referrals from each article I write, that is found in a Google search. If you sign up as my referral, I will show you what to do.

I have learned a lot about search engine optimization in my years of being an article writer, and I can teach you everything I’ve learned, about article writing online, and finding referrals online.

The amount of money you make depends on how much you know, and how much work you put into writing, but if you set up a whole bunch of permanent ads for your referral link, on social networking sites, and other places, you should have referrals coming in for years, building your residual income with their articles, whether you do any more writing yourself or not.

The best way is not to rely on other people’s writing to make you money, but be aware of the possibilities for finding referrals from every article you write.

If you haven’t joined Bukisa, sign up now, by clicking on this link, and I will show you how to make real money from writing articles online.



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