Ruining Your Hairstyle

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There are zillions of ways to ruin your hairstyle… here are just a few of the most common mistakes.

Here’s How:

1. Putting a hat on before your hair is dry.

2. Allowing too much time to pass between cuts. This is especially true of short styles. In six weeks, the style is going to need a touch up.

3. Using the wrong products for your hair. Yes, it does make a difference. If your hair is dry, don’t for a minute think that using a product for oily hair isn’t going to have an effect.

4. Spending time in a smoke filled room. The smell loves to stick to your hair. And if you are blond… so does the yellow color.

5. Go from long hair to short in one quick cut. It is much too dramatic. It is much safer to go shorter in stages. Let yourself get used to the length before you go even shorter. A lot less tears.

6. Be aware of the amount of hairspray you use. Never point and spray. That results in a blast of spray in one area and that means a spot of hard, crunchy hair.

7. Choose a style that does not suit your face shape or hair type. Listen to the stylist when he says that it won’t work.

8. You ignore the needs of your hair. Regular blow-drying is hard on the hair if you don’t spend adequate time conditioning it.


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