How to Stop Smoking

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Psychological dependence

Psychological addiction is always a greater or lesser degree represented. Is associated with a feeling of holding a cigarette, a gesture of smoking, the need to have a cigarette in his mouth, etc. Hence, it is the habits built over time. This dependence is associated with a pleasant moment of relaxation or rest on a cigarette. Get rid of these habits at once, and learn “non-smoking” behavior is not easy, since they were enhanced in several years.

Physical dependence

Physical dependence is sometimes also called drug addiction. It is an addiction to nicotine that comes after a long time individually. Approximate determination of the dependency rate is possible in a short test. As with any drug addiction and to stop smoking withdrawal symptoms always occur: desire for a cigarette, nervousness, restlessness, increased appetite, inability to concentrate, etc.

Some of the cessation methods:

The success of any method is mainly a decision that it will reach your goals. If for whatever reason does not at first, take a lesson from the failure to why this has happened and try to make the same mistake next time already granted.

First week
Keep track of when during a week when where and why you lit a cigarette. Entries divided into two groups:
a) cigarettes necessary – hardly expendable,
b) Cigarettes expendable – vykouřené of boredom, etc. automatically

The second and third week
Court only needed a cigarette. There should be more of them as the 8 Expendable substitute for cigarettes. You can try to change the brand of cigarettes for those who can nechutnají.

From the fourth week
Stop smoking completely. Get rid of ashtrays and everything that is related to smoking. Try changing lifestyles, more sport, going for walks, go to the countryside, etc.

Suddenly – D-Day
Determination of D-Day is very important. On a good setting often determines the success and failure. You must be sure that from this day you never smoke in any circumstances. A good period for determination of D-Day as the beginning of vacation, or your anniversary, the first day of the year or month.
The evening before D-Day to get rid of everything smoking related. Tell everyone zmámím to work his intention. Ask family for support during weaning. 
In the case of moderate to very high nicotine dependence begin to use the products in the suppression of physical dependence.



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