If You Are Born on 3Rd/12Th/21St/30Th, Please Read This-Free Numerology For You

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No.3 people are unique. They are good people. They will do good acts. They are decent, humorous and at the same time, they are strict. They will think deep before doing anything. They won’t do anything against their conscience. They won’t do anything wrong mostly. If they do, they will feel a lot of regret. If they see others doing wrong things they will strongly condemn. They want to come up in life fast. They want to spend each minute for progress, but their efforts may not be successful all the time yet they never give up. They will continue to try even after many failures.

They are very talented and hard working, yet their progress will be slow. If they see others having problems they will want to go and help them voluntarily. They want to help in a big way. They are frank and Open.  They don’t have any secrets. They are very much reliable. They will undertake and do any work with responsibility. They respect elders. They are very God fearing. They always act according to justice. Sorrows and pains will not stay with them long. They know this, so they don’t bother when they have sorrows.

They are good at making compromise between two people/others. They will act as the mediator if disputes rise among friends and relatives. They will make big money., though will not consider money is important. They spend lavishly. Respect and honor are more important for them.  They don’t mind, losing money rather than respect.  They are a bit short tempered too, and may get into some problems by this trait. Generally others will not understand these people. So others don’t know they are talented and reliable.

Most of No 3 people  have round faces, wide forehead and large eyes. They look attractive. Financial status is okay. If it goes down, soon it will be alright. (As they work hard) They should eat at correct times. Small amount of exercises are good for them.  They are prone to nervous problems, rheumatics,  and skin problems. Jaundice and fever may affect them. They are also romantic. Some may love after 50 years. Mostly they end up with failure in love. Married life is peaceful. They will good life partner. If they marry people of no 8 and 9 it will be better for them. They will be attracted greatly by No 6. But they can’t carry on the relationship for longer periods.

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Their kind of jobs are  writing, law, astrology and banks. Some of them would become judges. If they are born in the month of December they are more fortunate. Yellow sapphire, is their lucky stone. Blue sapphire also is good. Favorite colors are golden and blue. November and December are lucky months. They can earn more during this period. If they start new ventures on 3rd, 12th, 21st and 30th it will bring success in life. However they should not start the new projects on 4th, 13th, 22nd 31st.

Important years are 12, 21, 30, 39, 48, 57, 66, 75, 84, and 93. Most good things will happen during these years. .

Favorite direction north east. Sit facing this direction when you do important works. Travel to this direction will be successful.

(This is a numerology article. If you have faith in numerology this article might interest you. If you don’t have belief in numerology you might still read it and check it out whether the points given in this article are correct,lol)

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