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‘Factoidz’ is one of those community sites for writers who want to get exposure of their talent as well as earning money online. You earn money with the ads placed near to your articles (like google adsense) and the site offers you activity bonus as well. The secret of earning more money is to write more and quality articles which are then voted by other members.

If you are a new writer you are lucky to get there as the editting staff at the site helps you edit your articles. You get the position of ‘staff writer’ after submitting 20 posts.(You don’t have to be reviewed and edited by the content team after publishing 20 posts)

I am running few of my blogs at free blog hosting platform ‘blogger’ but it is really hard to get visitors for content. Regarding adsense income it is also low, but after joining ‘factoidz’ I am happy that I am getting a good number of visitors for my articles as well as an increasing amount of income.

Factoidz  pays per page impression, they can pay up to 1$ to 10$ for every 1,000 pages views.Now whoever refereed you will make 10$ dollars if you make it to the “staff writer” level this is when you publish 20 articles.

If you are enthusiastic about writing facts, how to’s articles, list of best resources or reviews about product, service etc you can start writing at this community site of writers.

By joining through the link below you will not loose anything from being referred. Yes I would be earning a little amount by referring you. Thanks in advance to follow me!

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