17 Interesting Ways to Increase Your Online Sales!

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  1. Include more number of  categories to your site.

  2. Submit your site to free ad sites that allow more number of categories.

  3. Increasing the number of categories will allow you to submit it to many free ad sites.

  4.  Increase the awareness of your product among people by making it scarce.

  5.  Give things like time bound bonuses, attractive discounts, low prices etc. 

  6.  Benefit from where your competitors are deficient in their approach.

  7.  Sell your products to a specific niche market. For instance sell your photography book to only photographers.

  8.  Test your method of advertising and marketing periodically.

  9.  Save time and money by promoting the right product to the right group of people.

  10.  Persuade visitors to buy your product by telling them the good features of your product.

  11.  Explain courteously the benefits of your product.

  12.  Offer a free trial of your product for a fixed period of time.

  13. Enable the visitors to decide and clear their doubts about the product.

  14.  Create other web sites to draw your initial target audience.

  15. Lead your prospects to your main site by linking to your other sites.

  16.  Inform   about your site or freebies through e-mail announce lists.

  17.  Motivate visitors by informing the benefits of buying your product.


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