Finding Wholesale Golf Shirts – Stop Paying Retail on All Your Golfing Apparel

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Today, golf is one of the most popular sports. When it’s time for finding wholesale golf apparel there are many sources available to help you. Golf is a big industry, and golf apparel can be very costly if you don’t take a minute and look over the options available to the consumer. Why go to the mall and spend top dollar, when you can go online and get the same golf shirts for sometimes half the cost.

You may be in the market for finding wholesale golf apparel like Adidas, or Izod or many of the other brands, and those name brand shirts cost big bucks. Local stores like Dicks and Sport Authority charge top dollar on top brands. Many golfers stay with a certain brand and pay the costs involved, but, why spend top dollar when there’s a way you can get the exact same shirt, same style, same item number for sometimes as much as fifty percent off the retail cost.

Your local mall or sporting goods retailer all buy their golf shirts from one of a few bulk wholesalers. In the past finding wholesale golf clothing was a closely guarded secret. The local retailers made a lot of money selling their apparel this way. But, with tough comes came tough decisions, and many of the local bulk suppliers were forced sell to the public, which can be a huge benefit to the local consumer. You can in some instances buy the golf shirts by the piece, in any size and color and in any brand, for pennies on the dollar.

Local clubs like VFW and American Legions have yearly golf outings. They buy cost effective golf shirts, Jerzees, Hanes and Gildan and in the past would buy the shirts from the local screen printer. The printer in turn printed them making huge money, but, here again they were finding wholesale golf shirts from the same source that you can now buy from. Lets say your lodge is having a few golf fundraisers, how great would it be if you went online, bought the shirts at substantial savings to the club, then getting them printed for a few bucks. The money these local clubs can save over the course of a few events is unbelievable. Save money for you family, club, school buying them online at a bulk source. 


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