Keeping Tab on Ovulation Increases The Chance of Pregnancy

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Keeping a tab on the fertility time can help a great deal in delaying pregnancy. Most of the women are unaware of the fertility time and this ignorance can delay in getting pregnant. 

Once the couples identify the peak fertility times, then there are greater chances of getting pregnant. In a periodic cycle, there are fertile and non-fertile days. Identifying the fertile days in a periodic cycle is important to get pregnant. Even with fertile days, there are peak fertile days, which are considered to be the most fertile of all days.

When are the fertile days? These days come just before the periods start. It is easy to determine the fertile days, especially the peak fertility days by some simple calculations. The peak fertility days are periods when ovulation takes place and sperms will only hit the ovary during this time. The peak fertile days would be 12 or 16 days ahead of the next periods. It is easy to determine ovulation days with the help of ovulation calendars or ovulation prediction kits. There would also be an increase of cervical mucus during the time of ovulation. During ovulation, here would also be an increase in body temperature and discomfort in the lower abdomen.

There are also ovulation tests to determine the exact time of fertility. But these ovulation tests are very expensive. One can also come across mucus test, basal body temperature tests, which all help in determining peak fertility days.

It is quite easy to determine the fertile days and once you are aware of it, your chance of getting pregnant is increased. Once you know how to calculate the timing of ovulation, you are at the better side of getting pregnant.


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