Approaching Death in Quarters

Considering the whole universe every living creature loves life. The ultimate fact of life being death is not at all accepted by any creature throughout the life time. May it be the most dejected creature, yet it has some infinitesimal wishes of happy and safe living in some corner of the heart. This ends when it sees death approach in quarters towards it.

If asked do you feel the pain of an insect drowning in water; majority will reply but the minority which affirms to the pain won’t be able to explain it either because they just see the insect in pain, may be pity it too but none of them experience the pain from the depths of the heart. It is only felt by the insect when it strives an unsuccessful war against the ultimate truth of life.

Similarly, no one can feel the pain of a mosquito being smashed. Properly and precisely said; punished for stinging its host.

Ask the non-vegetarians. Do they feel the pain of their host being butchered? Many say yes! But the fact being that they don’t. They just feel sorry for it or pity it. This degree of pitiness is higher in vegetarians for the poor animals. But no one ever feels the pain of the poor creature which it feels since the time it realizes it is sure to be butchered upto its breath.

Does merely ending up of heart beats and stopping the breath means death? NO! The real death is that which one dies before death shows its dreadful face.

Do you think that a mother lives if something happens to her child, be it a baby or a grown up? Do you think a father lives when something odd happens to his children? Do you think a brother lives when something happens to his dearest sister or does sister live when something happens to her dearest brother? The life they live then can properly be termed as “Approaching Death in Quarters”.

Can you reply the questions, they put, when they visualize death approaching them in quarters? No you can’t!

What would you say to a mother who’s six month old; unaware of the world is butchered in the name of communalism? Would you call it an anthiopophagy or communalism? No community permits it! The mother now dies every moment of her life seeing her hands empty off her child. No one, not even God, can feel the pain she faces the instant her child was being butchered! This is when death approaches in quarters towards the mother.

What would you call up to reply a father whose children are killed in terrorist acts in front of him? His life ends up therein.

What would you reply to those brothers, precisely speaking to those in Kashmir, where the terrorist in the name of Jihad turn into the houses off the cuff of the family members; demand money and food and sexually harass and even do inhumane acts with feminine present therein at gun point. The moment the brother faces therein is what I call death in quarters.

What would you imply to a sister who just can’t see a drop of tear in her brother’s eyes but sees him die in front of her, helping her out of some odds? The sister then dies every moment of her life. This is called “approaching death in quarters”.

It is well said that “Time is best healer”, but does it stop the pain of approaching death in quarters. The pain of departing is surely cut short with the duration of time but it undoubtedly cramps one’s style. The feeling of spare space pinches throughout the life from the depths of the heart.

Would not you call this “approaching death in quarters” when a patient comes to know of a deadly incurable disease? He wishes for life but the approaching death makes him feel his presence in pandemonium. Isn’t it “approaching death in quarters”?

Obviously, I do agree that approaching death has different faces built all have one thing in common; they kill their host before his death. This is the moment from where I call “death starts approaching in quarters”.

When the world finds a creature, may it be animal of human; lonely and lost, it first shows an active action of support towards it. When the creature finds it as a support the world takes the gilt of the ginger bread and leaves the creature back in more depths of sorrow and loneliness. The feelings which the creature then has can appropriately be explained as APPROACHING DEATH IN QUARTES.

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