Eno Fruit Salt

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As we all know about the spicy Indian food, I can’t stop myself from relishing on the home foods when I go back home and as a result I suffer from acidity. I can’t control my appetite but acidity also isn’t something I enjoy, I can’t stand the feeling and so I take Eno Fruit Salt to get instant relief from acidity. I prefer Eno Fruit Salt to medicines because it gives me instant relief unlike the medicines which take at least 20-30 minutes to take effect.

Eno Fruit Salt is a bit expensive but it is very effective when acidity doesn’t allow you to do any work, everyone knows how bad acidity can be and so Eno Fruit Salt is just the best for me. Many flavors of Eno Fruit Salt have come up but I prefer the regular flavor to any other, with other flavors of Eno Fruit Salt I feel the acidity gets severe instead of healing it, especially Lemon flavored Eno Fruit Salt. I don’t know whether it is just for me or there are others as well who feel that the Lemon flavor isn’t good and has a negative impact.

Eno Fruit Salt is good anytime for gastric and acidity problem, it starts taking effect right from the moment we gulp down Eno salt mixed in a cup of water. It is readily available and any one can consume Eno Fruit Salt, don’t know whether it is suggested in case of pregnancy though. Eno Fruit Salt is the best specially for Indian homes were we cook oily and spicy food everyday.


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