Should I Talk to my Neighbors?

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Is it really necessary to know each other in a society where you live? That was the question my 10 year old asked me yesterday evening. I had a simple answer of No. And then another question was fired. Why is it so dad, since we all are children of the same God and still we do not know each other? Now, this was a question which had no reply. All that I could say him was that he was too young to understand it.

But, that question haunted me the whole night. Why is it so that we don’t know even our neighbors at times even when we all are the children of the same God? Leaving God beside, and taking humanity into consideration; we can even think of it. Why is it so that I do not know my immediate neighbor at times?

I tried to answer myself with no reason behind it. The answer was simple and straight forward: “I am too busy to meet them. The whole week I struggle in the office and the weekend I get I am with my family and friends and not to make new ones whom I can’t give proper time even”. But my inner self knew the fact. The fact that I was shy and timid enough to approach new people! At last I decided that I should know the people around me.

But, then suddenly, a question struck my mind; “Why should I go to them? Why can’t they come to me sometime?” But, before my dirty mind could give some excuses; the angel in me guided me through. The answer was simple; you can’t live the happiness which God wants to give you if you have the feeling of ‘only me’. You need to have a feeling of ‘us’ and then only can we live happily.

And then came a different answer; that one of them needs to bow the ego down to raise the hands of friendship, the most beautiful bond given by God. And there I was with my answers and my determination to meet my neighbors the very next morning.

It was today when I met them with a smile on my face; I realized that world is more beautiful than what I had expected. And so I spread the word of friendship and love to all the people around me just like me who think they are happy because they live happily with their family and friends. But, yes the happiness needs to be shared in order to grow and so go ahead and live the world God has given all of us to live!!

Happy Living!!!


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