Audi R8 – One True Supercar

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Audi reunited the name and the performance of the racing monster, five times winner of the Le Mans track, Audi R8, into a spectacular sport car. Being the first Audi with centered engine, R8 combines the experience gained during the countless motor-sport races, with and exceptional design. 2029 mm wide (mirrors included), 4431 mm long and 1241 mm high – this are the dimensions of a true sport car. The 2650 wheelbase allows the cabin to be very comfortable.

Audi R8 is the first series car that offers, optionally, the possibility of installing all the spotlights functions using the LED („light-emitting diodes”) technology, which has a substantial advantage compared to classical illumination, consisting of a longer life. As they occupy less space than the conventional lights, the LEDs give designers larger possibilities for expressing their creativity..

Car Body

The car body is made completely of aluminum, using the ASF (Audi Space Frame) design. It’s the perfect symbiosis between minimum weight and maximum rigidity, offering the ideal base for optimal driving dynamics, along with extraordinary performances, with weight/power ration of only 3.7 kg/HP.

At the first sight you can observe that Audi R8 is low car, with well defined back that refle

cts its aggressiveness and thirst to sprint. The proportions of the vehicle are given by the engine position, behind

the driver cabin. The central position of the propulsion is crucial for the dynamic performances and allows the weight distribution to be optimal: 44% on the front axis and 56% on the back axis.

Technical Data

Engine: 4.2 FSI quattro
– Engine capacity (cc): 4163
– Gearbox: M6 [R tiptronic]
– Maximum power (PS @ RPM): 420 @ 7800
– Maximum torque (Nm @ RPM): 430 @ 4500-6000
– Max speed (km / h): 301
– Acceleration 0-100km / h (s): 4.6
– Acceleration 0-200km / h (s): 14.9
– Fuel: Gasoline (also available in Diesel version)
– Exhaust emission standard: Euro 4
– Consumption Urban / extra / mixed (l/100km): 22.1 [20.4] / 10.2 [9.6] / 14.6 [13.6]


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