To Facebook or Not to Facebook

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More and more people are using social networking websites for making new friends or keeping in touch with the ones they already have. These online communities allow their users to complete and update a profile regarding their personal information or their current status. They can also share pictures, videos or websites, and other kind of information that lets them keep in touch with each other.

Even though for most of the users Facebook is just an activity they do for fun, there are people for whom these communities have been life changing. A recent study shows that in the present over on quarter of the young couples in the USA meet each other on the internet and over two thirds of these people decide to get married. But we can’t even tell if this rather good or wrong. So the actual question is: is it right that these communities have such a massive influence on our real life?

Recently, there has been a rumor about a new disease that is starting to infest the global population faster than the swine flu. Facebookerita, as people called it, is spreading very fast around the world and it seems that young people are the most vulnerable to it. Researchers have yet been unable to detect the source of this pandemics and a cure is far from being discovered. Of course, this was only a joke launched by some users of Facebook who decided to make fun of the community. People enjoyed it very much and it was even used by Yahoo in one of their Launch Cast Radio commercials. As the number of Internet users will increase, the borders between countries will slowly vanish and there will no longer be any peoples or foreign countries. There will be no wars or terrorism, as soldiers and criminals will be too busy with their Facebook gardens. Natural disaster will never bother us because we won’t be able to notice them.

The Sun will keep shining, but none of us will care!


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