5 Best Food Items to Eat

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In this world, man is much hungry for food. He takes much food which is not required for him. As a result he get fat and he thought that he is healthy. Here I am describing 5 best food items any one can use to maintain their health.

Sweet potatoes

They are very good for health. Sweet potatoes contain Carotenoids, fiber, Vitamin c, potassium and many other minerals. You can use this after baking and you can also add some crushed pineapple for more sweetness.


Mango can be considered as one of the best source of nutrients. A cup of mango juice contains vitamin A, vitamin C, fiber and many other minerals. Moreover, it is a fruit which contains least amount of pesticide residue.

Water Melon

It contain 6 percentage sugar and 92 percentage water. The part which is greenish or whitish in color is also edible and is a source of many rare minerals. Many people don’t use this part due to unappealing flavor. It is also a source of vitamin C and vitamin A.

Green and Leafy Vegetables

Leafy vegetable are good and have much more importance in our daily diet. They contain many nutrients inevitable for us. They contain iron, magnesium, lutein, fiber in addition to vitamin A and vitamin C.

Wild Salmon

Salmon is a fatty fish which contains omega 3 fat. These can reduce the risk of sudden death heart attacks.


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