Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Review

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Modern Warfare 2 is a fast paced FPS with very good graphics and good smooth storyline even though the storyline is shorter then most games. I might as well cover story mode first and work my way up. 

7/10 – Story Line Review

Now the story line has very good game play with plenty of fast paced action in it. If you play on veteran mode this game’s story mode becomes extremely hard and if you are looking for a challenge then veteran mode on this game is for you. The game picks up from where right around where it left off on the first game. So if you want to get the full effect from the story mode play the first Modern Warfare and finish story mode on it. The story mode is not a very long story for most games but is still good none the less with all the enemies on screen and veteran mode makes them much smarter.

9/10 – Black Op’s Game Mode

This is a game mode designated for either yourself or a friend. This is sort of like a two player campaign except their really is no story mode. It is more like a mercenary missions. You select missions and you earn stars for whatever difficulty you picked. You get so many stars and you unlock a new set of harder missions. They have racing missions, sabotage missions, stealth missions, defense missions, and much more. Their is plenty of a variety and even with 2 people some of the missions can be very challenging on veteran mode. It is recommended that you play with another friend, cause that adds a whole new strategy. This can also help out when you play actual multiplayer and helps with communication skills with your friend also. So for a game mode made for 2 players this is excellent.

8/10 – Multiplayer

The multiplayer in this game is very fun, it has plenty of game types and maps since they released their map packs. Their is fast paced action always and you can customize your weapons in a lot of ways, you can earn different sites for your gun, camo, and much more. The only bad thing about this game is, that it has horrible host selection sometimes and that can make the entire game lag, other problems is that people love to quit a lot but thankfully the game has a server engine that allows people to join the game as it is playing. Other bad things include the boosters, power levelers, and glitchers that make multiplayer not challenging and boring. You always get the thrill of leveling up and their is always something new you can learn in the games multiplayer. Overall is a good multiplayer though.


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