Cake Without Flour

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Cake without flour for birthday parties or any other party.

Ingredients for the crust: 6 whites of the egg

250gr sugar

250 gr walnuts

Ingredients for the topping:

180 gr butter

100 gr fruit yoghurt

1 tea cup sugar powder (this is about 250 gr)

6 yolks

7 tea spoons cacao powder

2 tea spoons brandy (or rum)

1 vanilla

For decorating:

Strawberry jam

Method of preparation:

First prepare the walnuts to use them when it is necessary. You have to cop the walnuts finely and leave them into a bowl.  In two different bowls put the yolks and the whites of the eggs. Now, you can start preparing the crust. In a big bowl place the whites from the eggs and add the sugar. Stir well. After that add the finely chopped walnuts and stir again. The mixture should be divided into two equal parts. So, you have to bake the first part in a baking pan. Then do the same with the second part of the mixture. It is time to prepare the topping. Follow the steps: First beat the butter with the sugar powder and one by one add the yolks. You have to do this by constant stirring. In another bowl stir the cacao powder with the brandy or rum and then add the vanilla. Divide the topping into two parts and add the fruit yoghurt to the first one. You have to place the mixture with the yoghurt onto the first crust. Put another crust onto it and place the rest of the topping on the second crust. Decorate with strawberry jam. Enjoy this delicious cake with a cup of tea or coffee!


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