What Language To Learn?

Language is the live organism, it can grow, divide itself and spread around the world. There is a great number of languages and all of them are unique and challenging to learn. Usually colledge students can pick up to two foreign language to study, and most of them are those of widely used in Europe, America and Asia. Many people stick to English (if this language is not their native one) and then choose any of the European languages.

A new language gives great opportunities to a person, first of all, he comes to know about the other country and its people, their mentality and traditions. All nuances of the nation are usually represented in their language, in the flow and phonetics of the language. People who start learning a foreign language can feel these nuances much better than native speakers.

What language to learn?

  • Observe your interests in life: what countries do you wish to visit? What are your hobbies?

  • Do you like to draw? What can your drawings tell about you?

  • Are you going to learn the language by yourself or you plan to find a teacher?

  • How much time are you ready to spend for learning process?

These questions are definitely very important and have to be answered before you really move on. Think carefully about the time that will be available to you for your language classes, if you can’t allocate much time then it is better you stick to the language that are the closest to your native language by phonetics and grammatical constructions. If you decide to take any of the Asian languages that uses hieroglyphs, then be sure you will practice the language everyday as well as train your memory in memorization of the graphical representations of letters, because it is totally varies and so different from any of European languages. Japanese and Chinese are tough languages and claim a lot of efforts and time from the person.

Of course, the best option is go for two foreign languages and try to combine them in your professional life later on. It is great if you manage to learn European and Asian languages. You will have the greater scope for your business and surely will be able to earn more money.

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