Free Ways to Promote Your Website or Business.

Articles can promote your business permanently for free, and you get paid for it

Articles are perhaps the best way to promote your website for free, in many different Google searches, for many different titles.

You can write a favorable review for your website, business, or referral link, in the third person, and it carries a lot more weight than a paid advertisement.

What’s more, articles are a completely free, permanent way to promote your website, or business, and if you write articles on a paid article writing site like Bukisa, you get paid quite well for your efforts.

Bukisa is a free to join article writing site with a three level referral program. 25%, 5%, and 1% of your referral’s article earnings, and they pay you $3.22 US per thousand clicks.

You may find that you end up making more from your articles over time, than you do from your website, or you might find that you get more business and traffic on your website than ever before.

There are many free, and paid article writing sites, but Bukisa has the best long term payment plan, because if you include your referral link at the end of your articles as link text, you get referrals of your own, who build your residual income passively.

If you join Bukisa as my referral, I will teach you everything I know about search engine optimization, and all the ways I have learned to promote my referral link for free. I am getting two referrals a day or more.


Social Networking Sites are Another Great way to Promote your Website for free

Social networking sites like Facebook are a very important part of the promotion of any business. You can make a Facebook business page which can sometimes do better in a Google search than the actual website.

Not only are they visible in a Google search, but they are highly visible in a Facebook search, and Facebook has hundreds of thousands of users.

You should try to make a basic page in Facebook to begin with, and then try some of the other social networking sites.

I came across one recently called Sidetick, and they pay you a dollar to join, a dollar when you invite a friend, and then 25 cents when they invite friends, for seven levels total.

Not only can you promote your business for free on Sidetick, but they pay you to do it, giving you $0.50 per thousand clicks anytime someone views a page you made, or when you view a page they made.

You will find that you get a lot of views when people are paid to do it, and you will also find that Sidetick is a community of people that is very interested in new online businesses, particularly if they can get paid from them.


Make a video to promote your business for free

You can promote your business or website very well with a good video. You can post your video on You Tube, or you could post it on a site like Flixya, which pays you through Google Adsense for your videos.

Other places you can post the same video for free are social networking sites like Facebook, Sidetick, and Myspace, or if you write a brief article to go with it, you can post it on article writing sites like Hubpages, Triond, and Associated Content.

There are many free ways to promote your business, website, or referral link, so why does anyone bother with pay per click advertising? Perhaps they can’t be bothered spending the time to do all of that.

If you can’t be bothered writing articles about your business, or you aren’t a good writer, you can always pay me to do it. I know a lot about search engine optimization, and I am constantly looking for new subjects to write about.

You can contact me at, or if you join Bukisa you can find me as rowanman28.



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