Muscat — a Must Visit

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Muscat is an amazing place to go on a vacation and one of the best places to live. Muscat is the capital city of Oman and the largest city of Oman as well. This ‘walled city’ has amazing architecture and the cleanest place I have ever seen.

Muscat is basically three smaller towns, which, with time have grown together. Muscat is amazing and I love coming here time and again. Mutrah is a fishing village where you have a fish market and it is called the Cornish area as well. Opposite to the Cornish is Mutrah Souq which has a lot of traditional and antique pieces. Then we have, Ruwi, which has a gold souq in it and a lot of old shops as well. Every place you can see gold shops.

If you are a beach person, you can visit Qantab beach which is 15 km away from Muscat. Also, halfway between Mutrah and Old Muscat there is a picnic area with a lighted water fountain.

There is a very big mosque name Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque which looks amazing at night.  This is the third largest mosque in the world. Non-muslims can also visit and the timings are – 8 am to 11 am everyday except Friday (which is an off day here). Ladies are supposed to cover their heads, ankles and wrists inside the mosque.

What all you can do here :

  1. Visit the Corniche are to get some fresh and cool breeze while sipping a cup of tea (Halib — which is available there). Have some sandwiches or sulaimani (black tea). A cup of tea will only cost you 50 baisa.

  2. Then from there, you can go to Mutrah souk and check out the lovely Arabic hand-embroidered mussar/shawls, spices, bakhour(incense) et al .

  3. You can have dinner here at one of the restaurants and enjoy the atmosphere around. The lighting done here is soothing to the mind.

Other things that you do for adventure in Muscat :

Night Safari, Scuba diving (Oman Dive Centre at Bandar Jissah), Rock climbing, trekking, camel racing, turtle watching, dolphin watching (is a delight) and horseback riding.

For shopping you can visit:

City Centre and Lulu Hypermarket. You never know when you get amazing things at special discounts and offers!


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