International Marriage Pros And Cons

International marriage is the marriage where the couple represents different countries, cultures, languages and etc. Love can’t be measured by anything, this feeling can appear from nowhere and “strike” one’s heart unexpectedly and all of a sudden. But i won’t talk about the feelings part, because it is only up to a person to decide and choose his path in life.

International marriage is definitely a very “tricky” marriage. Consider that people from the same country and with the same culture and traditions sometimes are simply not able to keep their relationship last for a lifetime. People may find out they they are simply different and can’t find anything in common after the marriage. In case of international marriage both partners face more challenges and difficulties while the exploration of each other. There are at first place, the geographical location, then there is sometimes a language barrier, the differences in traditions and cultures of two countries and of course, we shouldn’t forget, the person himself, his personality and character. Not all people can manage to survive and pass through these differences.

Of course, it takes lots of time to know each other better and get used, accept many things and even change oneself in sake of the partner. But no matter what type of marriage it is, th one rule stands at the prime place and this is the understanding of each other. International marriage requires much more from the person than a simple marriage. The person should be really strong mentally to be able to manage his own views and reactions on different life situations. Here, i would say the most important part, is the discussion with the partner of all the topics that may bother you. If you try to be “strong” and keep your emotions inside and dont’t tell what you really think to your partner, then most probably you won’t be able to stay together for a long time. By doing this you won’t make yourself be a “stronger” person, it is vice-versa, you will make yourself weak and poor.

Before you decide to marry someone of other nationality, you must discuss all the questions with each other. Like where will you life after the marriage and how both of you will manage their personal lives, i.e. work, house, study, etc.? What religion and nationality will be your children? How will you educate them? Also it is a must to read more and find out all the details about the country and traditions of your partner. Make sure that after marriage you will have to accept these traditions and try to become a part of them. It works for husband as well as for wife. Marriage will definitely brake apart if one of the parners won’t be able to accept them.

Trust is the key to the successful marriage, but sometimes trust is just not enough to keep the relations on a proper level. Trust must be accompanied by attempts. Continuous attempts until both of the partners feel happy and satisfied with their lifestyles.

Life of a person is the most precious and important thing. Your life must be your prime. You must feel happy yourself to be able to make happy another person. You won’t be able to share if you have nothing to give, if you have unsolved problems and difficulties in your personal life.

There are so many difficulties in the international marriages, but there are some positive points as well. First of all, you will greatly develop yourself while learning the new language, while staying with the person of a different culture. You will boost your abilities to listen to people and to be able to express yourself as well. You will join two cultures in one, making your life unique and interesting. Your children will most probably be bilingual and combine the best of two countries, that will definitely make them more smart and communicative.

Both partners should aspire to get only the best out of their traditions, and try to suppress the negative points, by discussing them with the partner and choose wisely the path both partner will move on further. Life isn’t easy for anyone, but it surely interesting. So you must bring up that interest in each other, try to move around and discover new places, explore the languages and open yourself to new ideas. You should continuously boost each other’s interest.

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