Remembering Why we Are Thankful on Thanksgiving Day

We can all be grateful for the many things in our lives; even when we are going through some rough patches. Each one of us can point to people, events and things that we have and cherish beyond measure. Some are more specific and individual than others and some are universal to the whole globe, such as love, food, clean air, water, freedom, etc. It is wonderful to have a holiday that celebrates our nation and our people and all that we hold dear to us. In this high tech world we live in; it is getting harder and harder to actually stop our busyness and frantic running around to appreciate and share all that we have in life. Even if we are across the country from our loved ones, or if they are in the military and across the globe, Thanksgiving gives us the excuse we all need to hit the pause button on our stress and exhale a sigh of gratefulness and bask in appreciation.

Here are some random things that make Thanksgiving great:

You can be a member of the family or over at a friends house, or in a restaurant, and still give thanks

You do not have to be of one political party or the other to give thanks

Any person of any age can give thanks

There is no other hidden theme to this holiday unless of course you dredge one up

Most people have a long weekend or time off and if you have to work you get paid more, usually

The weather may still be in the inhabitable range and that is a reason to give thanks

The food is phenomenal, yes, the food, is excellent, thanks for the food

It’s a great excuse to bring people together no matter what religion or background they are from

To remind everyone the abundance that you really have in life if you just shined your spotlight on it

To care for any of the less fortunate is a blessing to you and to them

I am sure you have your own thoughts also, as we all have many memories from Thanksgivings past; some great memories, and even the ones that wouldn’t make it to your top 10 list. But, it is usually a more open holiday than the rest, because there are not as many rules and regulations as to who can celebrate, how to celebrate, where to celebrate, etc. You can even have turkey sandwiches at the park while Frisbee throwing to Fido and no one needs to judge you on that!!

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