How to float a liquer on another liquer

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This how to is aimed at people who wantto make shooters such as baby guinness, slippery nipple, buttery nipple, mint aero, irish flag and many many… many more

Firstly you will need a shot glass, a teaspoon (small spoon) and some liquer to try it with

From my experience I have found that the easiest liquer (or in this case a cream) to float is Bailey’s Irish cream and the easiest liquer to float it on would be Tia Maria.

Keep in mind this cannot be done with all drinks, gravity supersedes all, if the liquer you are trying to float is heavier than the liquer your trying to float it on then it will not work.

Take your shot glass and fill it up 75% of the way.

Next take your spoon hold it out as if you had liquid in it. Turn it over so that the are that would hold the liquid is facing the ground.

Place the tip of the spoon against the inside of the shot glass just at the level where the Tia Maria reaches.

Tilt the spoon so that anything running off the spoon will hit the glass

Pour the baileys gently on to the back of the spoon and it will run down to the side of the glass and float on top of the Tia Maria, as you pour, lift the spoon as the level of liquid in the glass raises.

Thats it.

Thanks for reading 🙂


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