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, acuteness exercise

Bedtime acuteness activity, can make the mind control muscle activity of nerve cells appear extremely strong excited state, the excitement in the short time won’t calm down, people will not fall asleep quickly. So, should try to keep calm before body, but also might as well make some minor activity, such as a country walk, etc.

5 and the pillow

From the Angle of physiology, the pillow with 8-12 centimeters advisable. Low, easy cause “, “or because of inflow felt fine head of blood caused by excessive, the brain swelling eyelids; send go up, Too high, it will affect Hu absorption way unimpeded, easy to play Hu lulu, and long-term security, easy cause discomfort or neck.

6, sit to sleep

Sit sleep will make slow heart and vessels, the blood flow to the various organs is less. Plus the stomach, digestive needs blood supply NaoQueYang aggravating, dizziness, tinnitus.

7 and pillow to sleep

When sleeping under the head in hands pillow, influence blood circulates and cause arm numbness ache, still make easily intra-abdominal pressure increases, and also can arise “reflux esophageal inflammation. So, when sleeping unfavorable with pillow.

8 and quilt have

Hu caused by masked easily absorb difficulty, At the same time, the carbon dioxide inhalation Hu yourself, for health. Thus, more unfavorable infant or suffocation of danger.

In September, with the wind

When morpheus environment change on the ability to adapt to catch, ill. The ancients thought that the length of the impediment to goodness; number, Cultivate good, although there are not born under wind and dew lie. So the place to sleep should avoid tuyere, bed from the window and door of a certain distance advisable


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