Writing smarter: why a notebook can help you with your articles.

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Maybe you’re the sort of person who likes to just sit down at your computer and start writing an article. Maybe you prefer this method because you type faster than you handwrite and this just seems the most logical. I’d argue, however, that using a notebook to help you in the early stages of writing might be helpful to you.

Here’s why:

  1. Notebooks can be more convenient than computers. What do I mean by this? Sometimes, you have an idea for an article when you’re not around a computer and can’t get to a computer. For instance, I tend to have lots of ideas right before I go to bed and it’s not convenient for me to run down to the computer, switch it on and start writing. Keeping a notebook by my bed allows me to jot down ideas before I go to bed so that I don’t forget them. Also, even laptop computers can be heavy to carry around all day and it can be more convenient to just carry around a notebook and write down ideas as they come to you.
  2. I’m sure I’m not the only person in the world who has to share her computer with other people. For me, this means that I have less computer time than I’d like and I have to use my computer time more wisely. To do this, I generally have to know what I’m going to be writing about before I sit down. I find it incredibly helpful to have the basic gist of an article sketched out in a notebook before I start typing. I sometimes have entire rough drafts of articles already written out. This helps me get articles done faster in my limited computer time and I think my articles are generally better when I plan them out in advance.
  3. Some people might argue that they prefer going to their computer to write first because they type faster than they handwrite. You know what? I type faster than I handwrite as well. However, I find that if I have to write slower, I have to think more about what I’m writing, and I think what I end up writing is better for it.

I hope you find this helpful.


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