A Healthy Recipe For Ramzan

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Ramzan is the holy month of fasting. The act of fasting is part of a beautiful spiritual training which enables one to understand the hunger that strikes at the bellies of a million people around them. When one denies himself the fundamental right of eating and drinking, he exposes himself to the pangs of ‘knowing’ hunger rather than merely ‘feeling’ hunger. It is also aimed at imparting a certain sense of self-control or restraint to the believer.

Fasting does not mean that one should spoil his normal health. Rather it aims at having a life healthy in body, mind and soul. Hence healthy food is recommended during this fasting period. A lot of importance is given to cooking and preparing food for Iftar or the breaking of the fasting the evening. Much of this food contains rich, spicy and heavily fried items. But what one looks for is a healthy food, low sugar and fat. Eating healthy meals makes fasting easier and boosts one’s energy levels.

Here is a recipe suitable for the Ramzan month.

Grilled herbal chicken with herbal ingredients


Chicken cut in pieces   -1kg (kilogram)

Oregano                       -1tsp (teaspoon)

Ginger (sliced)            -100g

Thyme                         -1tsp

Ginger-garlic paste     -1tsp

Green chilly (slit long) -5or 6

Capsicum (sliced)        -2

Onion (cut into half)     -4 or 5

Courgette (sliced)          -1

Parvals (sliced)               -2

Olive oil                         -2 tsp

Salt, lemon, and chilly as per taste

Method of preparation:

Clean the chicken pieces and apply ginger-garlic paste on them. Mix the above ingredients except olive oil well and then add olive oil. The entire should be well coated with oil and spices. Bake or grill the mixture in a hot oven for about 40 minutes. Carefully turn over the pieces halfway through. When the chicken pieces turn brown and the vegetables become soft, put stop heating. Now the herbal chicken can be served adding a little lime juice.

Since the herbals are mixed, this dish is very good for health and taste. 


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