Long-Distance Relationships: Do They Work, And How?

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Picture this: You meet a guy (or girl) and you start talking to them and find yourself fascinated with them and them with you. The pair of you hit things off right away and become fast friends and soon after, more than friends. You end up falling in love. So, you both decide to take your relationship up a notch and start dating.

Things are going great between you two and it feels like you’ve finally met the person that completes you and is “the one.” But then, things suddenly take a turn. It turns out that your significant other is moving away, far away from you, and it feels like the world is going to end. Nothing feels right without your beloved at your side. So, in order to maintain your relationship, you and your love decide to attempt a long-distance relationship. You know it will be difficult, but you’re willing to try.

First things first, do long-distance relationships actually work? The answer, yes. If you’re willing to expend the necessary effort and remain determined and dedicated, things will work out and your relationship will withstand the test of time and separation. Most long-distance relationships fail because the parties involved don’t put enough effort into preserving their commitment to one another or because over the course their separation, one or both parties have met someone new that can actually ‘be there’ for them in a way that their significant other cannot.

So how is this possible? The key to making a long-distance relationship work is constant communication. Since you cannot physically be with your loved one, you must find other ways to connect with one another. Instant messaging, emailing, social networking, Skype or webcam chats, and the traditional phone call are all good methods of communication. Another great means of communication, albeit very slow, is writing letters. There’s a bit more of a personal and romantic touch with writing letters as you can read one another’s handwriting and have something tangible to hold onto to remind you of your loved one. Anything to bridge the space between you and your beloved helps.

One would think that long-distance couples can’t do things together like normal couples can, however, it is possible. Ideas for this can be setting aside a specific time of day to watch a movie or TV show together, send each other flowers, share a journal, play online multiplayer games online together, read the same book together, and other such activities.

However, keep in mind that doing the same things over and over again gets pretty boring and can often lead to the sparks fizzling out. So be sure to keep things exciting. Challenge one another, ask one another questions about anything and everything—leave no subject unexplored! Learning something new about the one you love is always fun and exciting and it can help bring the both of you closer together in a variety of ways.

Always remember that despite your separation now, if you keep on, your relationship will grow stronger and be that much better once you both are reunited again. But a long-distance relationship will only thrive if you work hard to keep it. They can be successful after you put in a lot of time and effort. I speak from experience; I’m currently in a long-distance relationship. On August 21, we celebrated our 6 year anniversary together.

So for those of you currently in a long-distance relationship, press on! Don’t give up. Soon, you will be with your beloved again. And for those of you finding yourselves faced with the prospect of a long-distance relationship, fear not. Separation does not mean the end or loss of true love. It is merely a test, one that, through time and patience, you will get through. After all, the distance between two hearts is not an obstacle, but a great reminder of just how strong true love can be.


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