Parents Raise Your Children

In today’s society parents have loosened up on the “”old fashion” child raising tradition’s. Families of today differ from families of past times by major numbers, and sad to say but IT’S TRUE. It seem the generation of the early 80’s have lost interest of a more strong bound and common ground relationship with the abililty of raising their chilren, instead they would rather the public media raise them!. 80% of the children born in the era of the 90’s are being guided by the media (ex music, videos, t.v broadcasting, etc etc) the wrong way and that way is turning them into lost minded individuals with no learned nor taught path,and mainly the parents that are allowing this to happen is in even more damage and danger. With 80% of te youth being taken over by the media , that leaves 15% on the right track and had the real support and parenting from a more devoted with fodations, and what’s left? The 5% of youth that has not taken a side to ride on yet. What is there to do about it?

First course of action that can be taken is to Dicipline! Now when I was growing up I did not have a chance to make a choice of my liking, it was more like, ” I say, You do” type of thing with my parents. Now and days these so called parents are allowing their children too many choices, THEIR KIDS, KIDS DON’T HAVE CHOICES THEY HAVE ORDERS! Second course of action is deny all access to the newly unrated media, ( ex. music, music videos, clothing) . Final and most important course of action is to sit down with your children and allow them to be open with you as well you with them, councation is a strong source of education with a curious child.

To get something we never had before, we’ll have to do something we never done before.  

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