Improve Your Golf Swing

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You will have to keep it simple and respect the basics of a proper golf swing. If you do this you will be able to, in time, correct any swing flaws that you may have, such as a hook or a slice. So here are some simple tips you need to know about getting your basic golf swing into shape.

– Start by standing with your feet about shoulder width apart and they should be pointing ever so slightly outwards.

– Let your arms hang naturally down and put your golf club right behind your golf ball. If you feel any sort of tension in any part of your body, you’re no doubt too close to your ball so you need to move a bit further back.

– Make sure that you are slightly bent at the knees and that your spine is straight, and focus on putting the majority of your weight on your back leg.

– As you swing, make sure that your eyes never come off from the golf ball. Don’t make the mistake of watching your clubhead through impact rather than the ball, this is a common golf mistake by beginners.

– Keep your grip on the golf club firm but light. It is said to visualize yourself holding a small bird in your hands. If you hold too tightly you will crush the bird, but if your grip is too light, it will get away.

– With one easy motion, begin your backswing. This means that your beginning move is to take the club back smoothly, avoid jerking the golf club back.

– Your feet should be planted firmly with no excessive movement such as shuffling. Beginners have a tendency to hit at the golf ball rather than hitting through the golf ball, accelerating through impact all the way to the end of the swing. So make sure that you don’t do this by making sure that you swing through to your finish.

– Learn to hit the golf ball on the sweet spot, which is in the center of the club. Striking the golf ball off center will cause the ball to travel unpredictably and this is something we all want to avoid.

-To improve your golf swing, you may buy a course of 1 hour or buy DVD if you are an easy learner.


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