The Real Reasons of Why I Want to be a Teacher

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Abraham Lincoln once said, “The philosophyof the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next. This quote is one of the primary reasons and explains why I want to be a teacher. Now, much of our constitutional rights are being ignored due to fear and Patriot Act. Also, I feel very conflicted about trusting our government and it’s becoming more evident that more and more people throughout our nation and world feel the same way. Not to mention that certain members of our congress have been arrested for fraud, shoplifting, drunk driving, been to jail, etc. I believe that as of right now, our nation is not progressing towards a bright future. I think that our country’s pride can be easily bought out by private bankers; even though our founding fathers fought so hard to prevent these banks from taking over.Our nation is the most obese and one of the least health conscious countries. We buy more pharmaceuticals than any other nation in the world and most of the drugs bought are for hair loss. How did hospitals become a place business rather than a place of help and treatment? The U.S has become a nation of consumers rather than producers. In addition, we are one of the top producers of waste, pollution, toxins, and other environmental hazards. The U.S crime rates are also above average. Our nation has more prisoners than any other country. As I look at our nation’s statistics compared to other countries, I can’t help but wonder how future generations can be helped to make decisions that are moral and ethical towards humanity.

I believe the purposes of education are to prevent mistakes of the past from happening again. I believe that education can feed the mouths of the hungry and heal the wounded. I believe that education can save lives and guide stranded ones to a righteous path. I believe that education will naturally lead to high standard of morals and ethics. I believe education is not only academic, but spiritual, hands-on, musical, enjoyable, and brings inspiration. I believe that education is poetic. I believe that education is the clearest way that leads to the real truth.

A teacher should have certain qualities and behave in certain ways. Qualities important for teaching are patience, kindness, confidence, understanding, leadership, honesty, compassion, commitment, dedication,  the love of learning, the ability to see life in a different way, willingness to help students achieve their goals, and to be a good motivations.


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