How to Write a Quality Article in 20 Minutes

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Whether you have a website or blog, content is the key for attracting and keeping visitors.  A lot of people, however, have a hard time writing good articles and many see it as a time consuming process.  Using these tips you can create articles for your blog or website quickly.

1. Write a list of potential topics

   This step should prepare your mind for the writing process.  Creating a list will also provide topic ideas for future articles

2. Pick a topic and write down main points

    Writing down the main points you would like to talk about in your article will allow you to organize what you will be writing.  With the main points you can easily see the structure of your article and your writing will flow more easily.

3. Fill out those main points

    Begin adding supporting points for the main points you listed.  You can do this by getting more in-depth about each of your main points.  Your article should begin to take shape.

4. Proofread your Article

    Quickly skim through your article for grammatical mistakes and make sure that your idea comes across the way you would like it to.  You also use a spell-checker for spelling mistakes.  Errors lower the quality of your articles.

Following this process, you can create quality articles in as little as 20 minutes.  This will allow you to build up content for your blog or website easily.


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