A Bus Was Hostage by an Ex-Cop

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An ex-cop, named Rolando Mendoza, from the Philippines managed to take a bus as his hostage. What are his demands? It is amazing what a troubled person can do. It is one of the phenomena of human mind. Just 3 years ago a chemical engineer also hostage a bus here in the Philippines. It took the hostage scene for 12 long hours. They could be really hungry in there. The ex-cop was dismissed last year after he was guilty of misconduct of extorting a chef from Mandarin who was accused of illegal parking and using drugs. Kalaw filed a case in 2008 but was dismissed in October because Kalaw was not on the preliminary proceedings of the case.

After two hours of hostage, there were 6 hostages that were released and an hour after there was one who released. It was found out later about the demand of the ex-cop. The demand was that he will be reinstated in the police job. It was just an easy demand but Philippines didn’t hear his demand and it ended into tragedy with 8 tourists from Hong Kong killed in the hostage scene. 

It was really a tragedy because there were 8 Hong Kong tourist that were killed. After 12 hours of negotiation the swat had barge in to the bus and as a result there were casualties. It was a unfortunate events for the tourists because it was the last day of their tour. 

Rolando Mendoza is a good man who received 17 awards. It was hard from him to be dismissed from his job. He was guilty as charged by the ombudsman. The file was dismissed charged by Kalaw but it was the government who continued the case and found him guilty. He was on his mid 50’s and about to retired. He has 2 sons and one daughter. His son is a police too in Abra and when he heard about the hostage taking, his son went to Manila. 

Philippine SWAT storm bus with hostages in Manila




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