Money Can Make us Happy? I Don't Think so

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Ancient belief that the property or money to make someone happy was no longer fit with his era. Why so? mentioned research results have the additional money could improve the satisfaction of a person in his life, however, does not help them enjoy life.

Like previous research, this study also found no effect of increased prosperity, the individual and the nation as a whole does not affect every individual to enjoy life. Nevertheless, the researchers also found an increase of positive values in a person as a result of increased revenue, such as respect, having a satisfying job and social support from friends and family.

People always ask, whether the money that makes you happy? This study shows that it depends how you define happiness. If you look at life satisfaction, how would you rate the overall life, you should also see a strong correlation between income and happiness.

Everyone should see the correlation between life satisfaction and income. While it is true, the wealth will make you satisfied with life but still it does not affect the way you enjoy life.

Previously, researchers analyzed data collected from previous surveys involving 136 000 people from 132 countries in the 2005-2006 range.

Participants were asked about positive and negative emotions a person, such as whether they feel respected, whether they can rely on family and friends, how they choose their daily activities or learn about new things.


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